Вавилонская башня - символ безуспешной попытки человечества обмануть Бога. Питер Брейгель создал бесспорный образец живописи для подражания  всех времен и народов. И не один, а целых два. Превзойти Мастера невозможно. Картина Дениса Мезенцева - всего лишь один из множества парафраз. Комментарий: кита надувают через трубочку. Зачем - неизвестно.


Peter Bruegel was the one, who created two masterpieces on Babylon Tower subj. Denis M by all means was   inspired by the Master.




art of our time

neo surrealism

Кит внутри башни. 1994, холст\масло.

Along with the paintings by Bruegel the elder, museums hold many of his drawings: compositional sketches for the paintings as well as studies on location, which were to supply his apprentices with samples. The State Russian museum holds 47 of Bruegel’s drawings, including two compositional ones, several sketches of heads, hands and feet, and over 30 draperies.   By Alice A. Mezentseva, applicant for the PhD degree at the Russian Academy of Fine Arts, The Repin State Academic Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, St. Petersburg.

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